MettleCI for IBM Cloud Pak for Data

IBM now provides an entitlement to use MettleCI through their various Cloud Pak for Data DataStage Cartridges. This section details the differences when deploying MettleCI within the context of IBM Cloud Pak.

Not applicable to DataStage NextGen (v4.0.2+)

Note that these instructions are not applicable to users of Cloud Pak for Data using the ‘NextGen’ (also known as ‘Tahoe’) release of DataStage.

MettleCI will be fully and seamlessly integrated with DataStage NextGen on CP4D during 2022. For exact scope and timing of the embedded release consult your IBM representative.

Configuration Steps

  1. Review infrastructure requirements (described here)

  2. Install ICP4D MettleCI Workbench Host (described here)

  3. Configure ICP4D MettleCI Shared Storage (described here)

  4. Prepare ICP4D Shared Storage for Unit Test Harness (described here)

  5. Install ICP4D MettleCI Unit Test Harness (described here)


The video below walks you through the installation and configuration of MettleCI against Cloud Pak.

Installing and configuring MettleCI for IBM Cloud Pak for Data

Video Bookmarks
00:00  Intro
05:24  MettleCI 1.0 FP1 Files
05:38  Part 1 - Install Workbench Scripts
18:05  Part 2 - Run Workbench Wizard
27:28  Part 3 - Setup Shared Storage
35:18  Part 4 - Prepare Shared Storage
39:10  Part 5 - Install UT Harness
47:20  Part 6 - Verify UT Harness
51:09   End